3 comments on “Book Review: The French Dog

  1. I love dogs too, and I am envious of the French who can travel, go out to eat, pcinic and shop with their pets by their sides. I cant even take my dog inside Bunnings, a large hardware store with concrete floors! I also love dog books too. I was a social worker in a previous life, and I had thought one day I would produce a book about social workers and their dogs… those dogs are the most patient in the world!

  2. What a charming and delightful sounding book! While I’m more a cat person than dog person, it’s mostly because of lifestyle. I grew up with them and one of the things I enjoyed most when I was in France was seeing dogs everywhere! I think they make people nicer, friendlier, more at ease. This looks like a terrific book, one I’d like very much.

    And thanks so much for visiting The Marmelade Gypsy — I’m glad you stopped by!

  3. I live in a Sydney suburb full of Paris, dog and cat lovers. I also work in its indy bookshop. We sold soooooooooo many copies of these 2 books last year.
    It made me want to jump on a plane with my camera & do the same thing…but you’ve beaten me to it 🙂

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